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The lens of all the modern goggles are produced using polymeric materials, communly called plastic, usually polycarbonate.

The polycarbonate is a dielectric material with a rifraction index at about 1,584, so its capability to refrect the light without treatments is close to the one water has.

The mirroed lens are obtained with layers of superficial coatings of metal ions. To obtain saturated colors are usually created more layers of different materials that create a costructive interferences on some light frequences and distructive on others.

All the lenses Out Of MCI (Multi Coating Interference TM) are created following a specific procedure born from years of trials and develop: first of all the lenses are put in a vacuum machine, then irradiated with heat-aux lamps and then the vacuum machine is cleaned by ion charges repeated for three minutes. Only after this treatment the first layers of Chrome is depositated from 5 nanometers over and in a sequence of about ten layers, the precise number changes from lens to lens, of zirconium, silicon and titanium with a precision range in the order of 10 nanometers (a hundred-thousandth of a millimeter).

This procedure lasts about 2 hours and needs extremely sophisticated machines, but allows to obtain a uniformity and a precision and a brightness in the color, but also a lon lasting mirroed coating at the highest level possible in the world today.

While in some cases the point of the coating is mostly esthetical and protective, on some lenses Out Of like the Clear Blue MCI or THE ONE Gelo the coating is been studied in detail combined to the persimmon pigment to give to the lens a particular color and a brightness that are impossible to reach only with pigments.