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changing a lens in thirty seconds is just a game with an Out Of Eyes; the wheather changes fast in the mountains, but you can be even faster and have the possibility to always have available the best lens for the conditions you come to face.

The lens is anchored to the frame by five fixing points that protude from the frame, while the perimeter of the lens follows the edge of the frame.

This type of structure allows for a broader field of view, but also to mount and dismount the lens quickly and without any effort. Traditional goggles in fact present the fixing points in the inner part of the lens, in a small gap that hides them, but even for an expert user is really hard to make them fit.

In the Eyes goggle instead the fixing points are clearly visible and the lens is constructed in a way that helps the user lining up the lens and the fixing point while assembling.

The wheather forecast is never right and we can do nothing about it, but we can be prepeared to give our best in every possible kind of wheather.