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Our website uses cookies. By continuing we assume your permission to deploy cookies, as detailed in our privacy and cookies policy.

Cookies are used in our website and in our emails in order to give our costumers a better user experience and a better service.

What are cookies?
Cookies are little files of information memorized by the browser on the hard disk of the computer. Every time that a costumer visits our website, his browser sends us this cookies, allowing us to offer a personalized experience that reflects his preferences and that simplifies the access to our services.

Which cookies do we use?
The cookies we use allow us to recognize the users that come back to visit our website and their information. In this way we prevent the costumer to insert the same information over and over again. Furthermore, they allow us to analyze the traffic of users who visit our website, in order to improve the service and its usability. Here are some cookie type used in our website:

Technical cookies
It is possible that technical cookies might be used to allow the user to use services requested within our website. Without these cookies it would not be possible to have any kind of service. For instance, technical cookies might be used for:

Maintain and remember elements added to the cart in the online store.
Allow the users to log into secure areas of our website without having to log in
Remember eventual actions made by the user himself (for example, a schedule that has already be filled in), or when going back in the former page of the session

Analytical cookies
Analytical cookies may be used in order to obtain information regarding the use of the website, of the publicity adds and of the emails to inform the stuff of eventual errors. Furthermore, these cookies allow us to obtain detailed technical information, as the last visited page, the number of visited pages, if an email has been opened, which parts of the website of of the emails is more visited by the users and the time that occurs between on click and the other. These information can be associated to details regarding the users, such as: IP address, domain or browser; yet, they are analyzed with other information, avoiding the identification of a determined user.

For instance, these cookies can be used in our website for:

Analyzing and improving the performance and the design of our website, of the advertising adds and of the emails. Quantify the answers to our advertising adds an bettering their performance. Calculate errors that may occur in our website to improve the service and manage eventual claims. Third part cookies

Functionality cookies
These cookies are not fundamental, but they allow the user to use diverse functionalities of our website. For example, in our website they may be used for:

Remember the preferences selected by a user during its former visits, such as: country, language, interests and presentation of the website (layout, character dimension, colors and so on). In this way the user won't have to select its preferences again. Remember the answers to questions asked by our website, as for instance, the participation on surveys on the satisfaction level of the costumer. Determine if a service is already been proposed to the user, for example the offer of online real time assistance. Give information that will allow the function of optional services, such as watching a video online or to public a comment on a blog

For example, these cookies cna be used to obtain information on visualized, or added to the cart, products selected by one costumer.

Third part cookies
When a costumer visits our website, it is possible that some cookies might be memorized not by Out Of.
This happens when a user visits a page that cointains part of another (third part) website.
Therefore, the user will receive cookies of these services as third parts. The cookies don't usually contain personal information, but, if the user access his personal area with a personal account, it will.

What happens if the cookies are disabled?
The cookies can be disabled in your personal browser settings. If a user blocks them of deletes a cookie it might be impossible to use certain services specified before. Furthermore, our capability of personalizing and improving your user experience will be very limited.